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10. It was exposed as a bond by Ashley to Peter on Naked Lunch

8 A reasonable person might take this to mean a cash contribution to the cost of the transmission line. Or, if one reads the entire article, and is steeped in business matters, especially construction, such a reader might determine this is merely a security bond, and only a partial bond for 22 million with another portion of the bond to follow as the construction progresses.

5. At issue : was the heading accurate or misleading?

1. Ashley uses the headline "Alderon to put down $65 M for power line"

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How the utility pays for the line will be determined by the public utilities board. Some of the cost will be covered by the rates charged to Alderon for the Kami mine's power, but those rates are limited to within the province's new Labrador industrial power rate policy, introduced in December 2012 through a collection of legislative amendments.

13. The heading says nothing about this being a bond or a security instrument.

the new line, though other potential industrial customers have yet to be identified.

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The company has now agreed to put forward $65 million to be returned byHydro once power is flowing to the mine, or forfeit to the utility if the mine is not established as planned.

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I rest my case.

65M down for power line

11. Peter tries to back up his friend Ashley by posting that the article uses the word "security"

The PPA firms up a company commitment to buying Hydro power off the new line.

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12. The question is still "was the heading misleading".

"The power purchase agreement was a key infrastructure requirement and is critical in securing the previously announced debt financing and we are very pleased to have finalized it," said Tayfun Eldem, Alderon's president and CEO, in a statement.

And Alderon's payment as security will not chip away at that total cost to Hydro.

The news comes on the heels of a decision by the provincial government, to order Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro to move ahead with construction of a power line from ChurchillFalls to Labrador West, to feed the proposed mining operation.

2. Maurice, a critic of Nalcor and the Muskrat Falls project, says the headline is misleading.

Alderon is not expected to be the only user of power from Nike T Shirts 2017

Construction of the new power line is expected to start this spring.

Also Nike Women Leggings Peter, to be precise, the portion of the story you quote "The overall cost of the power line construction is estimated at $300 million, excluding any interest and cost escalation. . While the headline itself is sufficiently misleading, Nike Sweater Crew Neck

The regulatordoes not, at this point, have any details before it on the line.

6. On Peter Jackson's Naked Lunch, a caller asks Jackson to verify with Ashley if what was put down by Alderon was cash or a bond. A bond is security, as used by contractors, when bidding jobs. It costs little, but is binding. A million dollar bond costs say one thousand dollars. The article itself says "the company has now agreed to put forward $65 million" and further along it uses the word 'security' when referring to the $65 million.

contribution to the transmission line cost.

4. Maurice takes offence. A troll is a very ugly word, as explained elsewhere in comments posted here. But was it fair comment by Ashley? Ashley said the heading was accurate.

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3. Ashley, not liking this, suggests Maurice is a troll. And suggests he try trolling somewhere else.

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Lets review this argument:

14 A reasonable person, and many and perhaps most business people, would think from the heading that cash was put down, and put down as a contribution to cost. Only on carefully reading the full article, might some conclude that there was no cash, and no Nike Grey Sweater Womens

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It is unclear exactly how the PUB may ultimately deal with recovery of the line's total construction cost.

To assure its commitment to the Hydro power if the line is built,Alderon began in 2011 by providing $4.4 million to advance Hydro's engineering work.

Liberty Metals and Mining Holdings has provided $22 million of the company's $65 million security to start. "As Hydro makes commitments on the line (construction) it will ensure that Alderon posts additional security up to the $65 million," noted a spokeswoman for Hydro in swift response to questions.

The overall cost of the power line's construction is estimated at $300 million, excluding any interest and cost escalation.

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7. But the heading says nothing about security, and uses the $ sign to imply 65 million dollars is to be put down.

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9. The majority with business experience, unless in construction, would realize the thing put down is merely a bond. Those without business experience would assume it was a cash deposit. And many likely to think it was a contribution to the cost. Even Maurice, seemed to miss this was merely a bond.

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