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34 collected children

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THE disturbing world of a perverted reclusive bachelor unfolded in court a story of child sex, internet child pornography, and a collection that included children's hair and sock.

Bulling was aware he needed help. He felt what little he had of his life at present had been taken away from him by the court proceedings.

They also unearthed bags containing youngsters' hair, children's socks, women's underwear, empty Smartie packets, cannabis leaves inside a school Nike Jogger Pants Camo

He claimed he had bought CD roms containing indecent material from car boot sales and that he had intended to delete the child filth from his computer. When he was questioned by police he told them he thought the computer images were bad and disgusting.

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book and a black book full of pornographic passages, Burnley Crown Court heard.

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David Bulling was removed from the house and police conducted a six hour search of Stuart Bulling's bedroom.

David Tempkin, defending, said Bulling was 'incredibly sorry' for what he had done and was adamant he would not re offend. He had been curious and had not known where to stop.

Bulling he shared a house in Hobson Street, Rawtenstall, with his mother and brother admitted he 'probably' occasionally wore women's clothes, was said to be interested in washing lines and socks and to be a fetishist.

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Bulling sexually assaulted two drunken 14 years as they slept, took photographs in the process and also snapped little girls as young as eight showing their underwear.

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James Rae, prosecuting, said police searched Bulling's home last September after a complaint from a Canadian family about his brother David's inappropriate communication with a 14 year old Nike Tech Fleece Joggers Navy

Mr Tempkin said Bulling, who had the support of his family and friends, felt his memory had been severely affected by a fractured skull. He suffered health problems and depression and had not liked leaving the house for 13 years. He spent a lot of time in his bedroom, sitting by the window, looking out. He accepted he had 'unusual interests'.

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Mr Rae said police also discovered a 'particularly disturbing' notebook which graphically described Bulling having sex with others, possibly children. He said he had written in the book, but he did not create it.

Raymond Bennett said his case was 'very worrying' and an extended sentence was necessary to protect the public.

Unemployed Bulling could not be bothered to claim benefits while his widowed mother had three jobs to keep the household running.

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When police raided the home of 34 year old Stuart Bulling, they found more than 6,000 ' highly disturbing' obscene computer images taken from the internet in his bedroom, and videos, 26 stills of which depicted sadism or beastiality.

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Sentencing Bulling, said by the prosecution to be at high risk of striking again, Judge Nike Leggings For Men

He was fascinated with one schoolgirl but told police if he had wanted sexual gratification he would have got it from his girlfriend. The couple split 12 years ago, but he still carried a torch for her and was incapable of letting her go. He would sit by his bedroom window attracting the attention of passing children.

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Bulling, of Hobson Street, Rawtenstall, was jailed for three years and given three years extended licence. He was banned from being in the company of children under 16 unless accompanied by an adult over 21, disqualified from working with children and was ordered not to have any youngsters under 16 in his bedroom. He was also placed on the Sex Offenders' Register for life.

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