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48fps was chosen because it was compatible with a certain type of 3D projector that most digital theaters Nike Women Sweatpants had used. Thus theaters didn't need to invest in an entirely new projector just to show the HFR version. You can cut the framerate in half and project it in all the old 24fps projectors.

the source for this.

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calciphus 595 days ago link

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R on Showscan showed 72 76 fps was the threshold.

Keyframe 594 days ago link

I've read it in Cinefex long time ago, might be there is something online too. 72 fps is really more than enough. Or you're talking about games, which is another thing entirely since input is a part of experience too. In that case, I agree.

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48fps is just above the threshold that Nike Sleeveless Shirt

the human eye

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More importantly you have an entire video and audio editing/production pipeline built for the timings of 24 fps. TVs using active shutter glasses do reduce the frame rate by half but will usually be reducing it from 96Hz or moreBy the way in the cinema at 24fps each frame is usually flashed twice which encourages the psycho visual system to fill in the blanks and smooth out the motion so it appears sharper and less blurred than it would on a LCD/Plasma TV screen that usually holds the image for the duration of the frame. Some high end models can do black frame insertion if they are using the right type of LED backlighting and are set to the right mode.

From personal experience that is far too low, Nike T Shirts Clearance

They project each frame 3 times so that your eye can't pick up flicker from the light going on and off. Under certain conditions, 60hz (think florescent lighting) can be enough that your eyes won't notice a flicker. (your eyes hold a residual for some period of time, and you never see the darkenss).

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"48fps is just above the threshold that the human eye/brain can detect changes"No, it's not. The actual threshold is unknown, but it's generally assumed to be around 100fps. I think most movie theaters are polarized 3d.

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