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Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

Relatives say the formerly spry elderly man likely will never walk again as a result of his injuries.

Evans said armed robbery carries a sentence of 10 to 20 years, or life in prison, while burglary, aggravated battery and aggravated assault all carry charges of one to 20 years in prison apiece. Violation of a Georgia gang act, Evans said, generally carries a charge of five to 15 years.

I am sorry you have to read the hateful comments being posted. As a therapist, who has worked with youth for over twenty years, I am saddened by what has happened to this elderly man and also for this youth's situation. What I find even as disturbing is reading the hateful comments by those on this blog who, judging from their own projections of hatred, probably have issues themselves, but find it easier to place their hatred onto the boy you know even though they don't know him. Adults are assaulting every day with the belt taken to the children they beat on the weekends, with the threats to the wives who may embarass them, with the harassment to the co white collar worker who speaks the truth. I choose to pray for the elderly man even though I don't know him. If you know him as you do, tell him I pray for him. If you know this elderly man, tell him I pray for him.

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

An 11 year old boy, whose name is being withheld because he is a juvenile, was also charged in the case. He was released from Cobb Juvenile Detention Center late last month and will be supervised by the Department of Juvenile Justice for two years. Glover, whose name is being used because of the decision to try him as an adult, is still in custody in the juvenile facility.

lead on the 11 year old. Once police took the 11 year old into custody and questioned him, he admitted to being at the crime scene, but said his 15 year old friend was the one who beat and robbed Smallwood, Ponte said. Glover, accompanied by his parents, turned himself into police on Sept. 29. Police confiscated a shotgun that was found under his bed following his arrest, Ponte said.

MARIETTA The 15 year old boy accused of beating and robbing a 94 year old Marietta man in September will be tried as an adult and could face more than 20 years in prison, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

Both boys were charged with armed robbery, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, burglary and violation of the Georgia gang act.

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Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

A few minutes later, Ponte said, Smallwood heard a knock on his door and the two boys walked into his apartment again, saying that the 11 year old had left his wallet in the apartment. Smallwood then said he was struck in the head and fell to the ground, and once on the ground, he said a rock was thrown at his head, Ponte said. The boys then took Smallwood's wallet, which had $27 in it, and his cell phone, and were seen running from the apartment, Ponte said.

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

"Every felony is serious, but each one of these is a very serious offense, Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's no doubt," Evans said.

As of Wednesday, Glover's case had not yet been transferred and the DA's office hadn't yet indicted the teen. However, Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Jesse Evans said that if they stick to the same charges as the juvenile Nike Polo Blue

Scoggins said his great uncle will likely never be able to walk again.

Harris said the state sought and received the maximum penalty allowable for the 11 year old. He pleaded guilty to burglary and testified on Monday in Glover's transfer hearing.

"He's so used to being out and he's not used to being in a place like that," Scoggins said. "They messed his life up. He's always been a happy and always does things on his own, but now he's depressed all of a sudden."

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

Meantime, Smallwood, who was admitted to WellStar Kennestone Hospital and remained there for several weeks in intensive care after being hit on the head with a rock inside his Crescent Square on Austell Road, has moved into a nursing home in Marietta, his grandnephew Ricky Scoggins said Wednesday.

court, Glover could face more than 20 years in prison.

15 year old to be tried as adult in beating of 94 year old

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

After the attack, police questioned neighbors and got a Nike Sports Pants For Girls

Cobb Police said Smallwood was returning to his apartment the afternoon of Sept. The two boys started talking to Smallwood about his car, saying that it needed some maintenance work. Ponte testified during Glover's probable cause hearing on Sept. 30.

Juvenile Court Judge Juanita Stedman granted Assistant District Attorney Carrie Harris' motion to transfer the teen's case to Cobb Superior Court, which means James Glover will be tried as an adult for the Sept. 24 beating and robbing of Paul Smallwood.

Nike Tech Fleece Pants Men's

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